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xmm_beaubier's Journal

14 June

By xmm_zaza

Name: Jean-Paul Sebastien Beaubier
Codename: Northstar
Date of Birth: 06/14
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Silver-streaked black
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: Small, faded scars on his left hip and thigh from a shotgun. Four-inch graze laterally midway on the side of his right thigh. Ballistics scar on his right shoulder, front and back.
Eight-pointed black and white star between his shoulder blades: x-cross beneath t-cross, the latter slightly larger and elongated along his spine.
BFA in writing from a private Catholic college near Lake Tahoe.

Jean-Paul is capable of traveling at speeds up to 300 meters per second for approximately one hour. Additionally, if he and his sister touch they can produce a flash of light ranging from a slight sparkle to a lighthouse beam.

Jean-Paul is highly athletic with a background in martial arts and gymnastics, as well as various bits of thievery and covert skills.

Personality Profile:
Highly reserved and occasionally strictly self-controlled, Jean-Paul is capable of tremendous focus and dedication. Fairly rigid sense of morality.

Jean-Paul was a former member of the U.S. skiing team. He resigned from the team rather than be tested as a mutant. He is publicly known to be a mutant.